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University of Washington publishes do's/dont's list for cheerleader E22p GL — Mike Sington (@Mike Sington) April 28, 2016 A mini-scandal has hit the University of Washington after the Husky cheer and dance team published a flyer full of guidelines for audition success. Cheerleaders are often depicted as outright evil, with the Alpha Bitch as their leader. In any High School setting, no Stock Character is portrayed as harshly as the cheerleader.A sympathetic depiction is still the exception rather than the rule, however.In fact, media with depictions of cheerleaders will often feel the need to go out of their way to explain to the audience (via an outsider POV character like in Male cheerleaders are sufficiently rare in fiction that they are usually developed as characters themselves rather than falling under The Cheerleader trope.The illusion bra also has clear straps to curtail any peek-a-boo mishaps, which can happen when you’re livening up a crowd or flipping through the air.

It’s your job to work hard to keep your body fit and healthy, and it’s your shapewear’s job to ensure you look great whether you are cheering for the home team or competing in nationals.

The no-tattoo requirement seems archaic at best, but the college probably finds ink to be trashy.

The blonde, tanned model in the flyer appears as the stereotypical, movie-star idea of a cheerleader, and that’s why people are so upset.

The poster suggests “Do’s and Don’ts,” and many argue that these suggestions reinforce unrealistic standards of beauty.

Among the recommendations are the requisite sporty physique, which is to be expected for the athletic requirements of the position.

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